Your Ridemajestic

Ridemajestic is a new standard in luxury personal transport for the most demanding clients. It is a unique combination of the services of a personal driver and the highest quality and travel comfort provided by Mercedes S Class vehicles.

The utmost in corporate image for business meetings and events

Luxurious alternative to air travel

Exclusive transport of VIP and clientelle

Individual solution for longer business trips

Special day

Airport transfers

Your Driver

All of our drivers are carefully selected individuals, ready to deal with any situation with the utmost professionalism and gentlemanly conduct. Their code of conduct is for maximal reliability and constant attention to the client’s needs. The journey and contact with the client is conducted according to a carefully established protocol with an emphasis on detail, for example a flower for a lady and personal assistance and service even beyond the immediate needs of the journey. The drivers are fully capable linguistically and bound by a contract of confidentiality.

Ridemajestic is a service based on a personal and discreet relationship.

For us every journey is a unique opportunity to meet the most demanding needs and expectations of our clients. Whether your goal is a perfect presentation or a luxurious level of personal transport, Your Ridemajestic Concierge can provide you ahead of time with all the details of your planned journeys, including an estimate of their costs and a detailed itinerary.

Ridemajestic represents a guarantee of quality and of the highest level.

We place a special emphasis on the combination of the highest level of service of the personal driver, luxury and equipment of the vehicle. All of our drivers are bound by a contract of confidentiality and are perfectly prepared to handle any situation. Mercedes S Class vehicles ensure the maximal comfort of your journey and their technological equipment is ready to meet the highest demands for work on the move.

Ridemajestic is prepared to meet your most demanding requirements, not only in terms of

  • Luxurious personal transport
  • VIP Transport
  • Long business trips
  • Company presentations
  • Alternatives to air travel

Your Wishes

It will be our pleasure to answer all of your questions and meet your expectations of the highest standard of travel.

Ridemajestic Concierge

(Your Ridemajestic Concierge is available in every working day at 9-18 hours.)

When would you like to be contacted?

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