• What is the goal of the Ridemajestic service?

Ridemajestic is a service aimed at fulfilling the most demanding requirements in the field of personal transport. Compared to other services on the market, it places a hightened emphasis on the personality and preparedness of the driver, while the luxuriousness of the vehicle goes without saying.


  • How can I order Ridemajestic?

Ridemajestic even ensures your maximal comfort when ordering it. All you need to do is fill out your contact details on the web and send your request. Our operators will then contact you at the arranged time, ready to answer all of your questions and at the same time work with you to finalise all the details of your order.

Price and Payment

  • What is the price of using the Ridemajestic transportation service?

Ridemajestic is a service based on temporary hiring. The calculated price arises from every started hour (60 minutes) of using the service. Due to the emphasis on long-term co-operation, the tariff is negotiated individually based on discussions of the client’s concrete needs. For an individual request, ask to talk to an operator or contact the business division of the Ridemajestic service directly - booking@modryandel.cz • The highest individual tariff is CZK 2500 excluding VAT for each started hour.

Cars and Equipment

  • What type of vehicle does the Ridemajestic service use?

Mercedes S Class limousines.

  • How is this vehicle equipped for mobile work?

The Car has its own independent wifi and power supply.


  • Who are the Ridemajestic drivers?

Ridemajestic drivers are selected accordign to the strictest criteria and the lenght of their experience. They go through a careful preparation process covering etiquette, protocol and contact with the driver. They are fluent in English and are well informed both in general and in terms of cultural and social events. They are prepared to provide the highest quality services of a personal driver, and you can depend upon their discretion with confidence.

Inquiries and Complaints

  • Who can I turn to if I have any questions, individual requests or complaints?

Please contact Ridemajestic’s business division directly (majestic@ridemajestic.com)






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